Athea Eberhardt was born and raised in southeastern Iowa. She left home to attend college at The Art Institute of Atlanta, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photographic Imaging in 2008. Since graduation, Athea has worked as a freelance photography assistant, a wedding photography assistant, as well as continuing her personal work. Athea is based out of Atlanta, GA.

Athea's specialization, Allegorical Portraiture, is greatly influenced by certain time periods, an old style of wardrobe, and making beautiful images with underlying currents. Hours are spent scavenging thrift stores for the right costuming and props for each shoot and even more hours are spent on location hunting for the setting of each photograph. The lighting and location in each image plays as much of a role as the models to create mood and a deeper perspective.

Athea also has her photographs for sale at her Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/AtheaEberhardtPhoto